Together is a 2-player collecting game. Take on the role of hamsters who go out into the day to forage for food, but must reunite during the night to stay safe from dangerous owls. When the hamsters are together, they are home.

Design Highlights

The game’s scope was pretty small, so we decided to focus on achieving the dependency of player cooperation in our game loop. To this end, we added a time (in this case, day/night) where players could be separate, but thereafter would need to stay together in order to survive. The lengths of these periods resembled a 4:1 ratio, with daytime lasting 4 times as long as the night.

We wanted the game to be a wholesome experience, so we focused on positive rewards and activities, such as gathering food to increase the amount of owl attacks that can be withstood during the night. When the players are together, hearts fly out from them and a bubble envelops them, signifying they are safe.