VR ui rework prototype


The goal of this project was to find a VR game and optimize & improve its UI design. My team and I chose to work on Blade & Sorcery; a medieval fantasy melee combat game.

Design Highlights

We started by identifying the key issues in the UI by playtesting the game. I have a VR setup at home, so I played it here. We identified its main issues consisted of the following:


  1. Holstering Items was hard and difficult to read UI elements for it

  2. Health & Mana displays were awkward during combat

  3. Selecting magic ability required extreme precision and gave little feedback

We made a wireframe to layout the interaction flow that our UI would follow, and created some mockups of our reworked UI.

We then made two prototype versions - a mouse & keyboard version for holstering and our new health and mana, and a VR version for the magic select. The later was developed after the project's completion, hence the strange separation. I tried my hand at VR since I'm interested in the genre.

In the gif above, the large hitboxes on either side are meant to represent the weapon holsters, and the colored circles meant to represent our mana & health mockup above.

A gif of VR demo should go here