Unbearable is a terrifying wave defense game, in which you must survive against hordes of undead teddy bears, alone or with a friend. Navigate the abandoned warehouse to find spare batteries and repair a mysterious glowing bear - it may help you if you give it enough batteries.

Design Highlights

As the theme of the jam was "Repair", we kept that in mind in our brainstorming session. One of our members suggested teddy bears as characters, and down the rabbit hole we went. We ended up on zombie teddy bears... we don't know either.


The core loop we wanted was a co-op situation where one player would have to defend the other who transported a battery to the objective, and the roles weren't hard set. To achieve this, players can pick up only one item at a time: if its a weapon, you can shoot. If it's an item, you can't.

We embraced the cute shock factor of our game, and leaned into it. Level design wise, we ensured that enemies would spawn from outside of the map and fill in from all crevices, to really immerse the players.


Additionally, we wanted a really rewarding experience for giving the glowing teddy bear enough batteries, so we made it clear the wave in its vicinity and reload the weapons of the players.